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Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center

The Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center is a CAFNR property located east of Ashland, MO and about 15 miles from the MU campus. The 2,200 acre property is mostly forested, with a diversity of ecosystem types that include upland oak-hickory forest, mesic hardwoods, and riparian areas. The property is used as a living laboratory for a wide variety of classes and has a long history of research by undergraduates, graduate students, and scientists at MU and partners.


More information can be found at the CAFNR website for Baskett.  


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On-going projects of interest include:


Restoration Ecology:

  • Effects of agricultural legacy on structure and composition of current forests

  • Wildlife use in different legacy types


Prescribed burning:

  • Effects of burn season and frequency on old field succession

  • Student training and red card certification through prescribed burning


Maple syrup project:

  • Production of Missouri maple syrup each spring from about 200 sugar maple trees

  • Undergraduate internship project 


MOFLUX tower:

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