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In the Silviculture and Restoration Ecology lab at Univeristy of Missouri, we work to advance the science of silviculture through applied and basic research. Our research emphasizes addressing contemporary issues in forest management, with specific interest in merging silvicultural practices with the emerging science of restoration ecology.


We welcome your interest in what we do! Please explore our website to learn more and feel free to contact for more information.   

A green and white outdoor sign that reads "Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center" on the white segment. the green segment on the bottom has the mizzou logo. on the left side it reads "College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources / University of Missouri". The right side has the CAFNR website url, "".
A picture of the Quad at Mizzou. The Aull Natural Area, a small circular planting bed with a brick sign behind that reads "University of Missouri", is in the foregound. The Pillars are in the middle ground, with Jesse Hall in the background.

Lab news

  • 01/18/2023: We welcome new doctoral student Raelin Kronenberg, studying forest farming and co-advised by Dr. Sougata Bardhan of Lincoln University! 

  • 01/06/2023: A group of seven undergraduate students and Dr. Knapp depart for the study abroad course "Ecology and Conservation of Costa Rica's Natural Resources".

  • 01/01/2023: Ben Knapp officially begins as the interim director for the Center for Agroforestry!

  • 12/01/2022: Isaac Hayford (doctoral student) publishes "Responses of natural and artificial pin oak reproduction to a sequence of silvicultural release treatments in bottomland hardwood forests in southern Missouri" in Forest Ecology and Management

  • 11/01/2022: Samantha Anderson (MS, 2017) publishes "Stand-density effects on aboveground carbon dynamics in secondary Pinus and Quercus forests of central USA" in Forest Science

  • 08/01/2022: Congratulations to Trystan Harpold, Abby Huffman, George Jensen, Dacoda Maddox, and Ian Vaughan - each graduated with their MS degrees in Summer 2022!!

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